weymouth triathlon review pictures


weymouth triathlon review picturesMapBournemouthWhere: Weymouth, South England

When: June

Size: Approx 200 athletes

Sprint: 750m sea swim, 20km bike and 5km run.

Olympic: 1.5km sea swim, 40km bike and 10km run.

Sprint completed June 2010
Official race website here.
The other Weymouth Triathlon (Bustinskin) is yet to be reviewed. Email Joe if you’d like to review it.


  • Make sure you know where the transition area is before you arrive on the day of the race, or at least turn up early as it’s not that obvious to findtriathlon tips, triathlon reviews
  • Be careful on the beach before and after the swim.We started on a pebbly section which makes it very difficult to run on. There was also some broken glass there
  • Make use of the milling around time before the swim start and have a practise paddle as it’ll take the initial sting out of the cold sea
  • Be careful heading in and out of the transition area too as it’s quite small and can get busy
  • Go hard on the cycle as it ends much quicker than you think and you should still have some extra juice for the run
  • Enjoy the Weymouth nightlife after: Dusk being the pick of the dodgy nightclubs!


What’s the organisation and set up like?

This was a fairly well organised triathlon in a good setting with a fun vibe. You have to turn up the day before the race to do a safety check and sign in but you don’t have to rack up your bike until the morning of the race. The organisation on the day is good with stewards who know what they are doing. It’s quite an obvious swim, bike and run route with fairly decent signage on the latter two. In the build-up to the tri you don’t get sent that much information and because this is one of the smaller events, there isn’t much on the internet to find out what the race is like – so you do have to find that all out on the day.

What’s the course like?weymouth triathlon reivew, weymouth triathlon hills, weymouth triathlon swim

The swim takes place off Weymouth beach. Then you cycle from the seafront out of Weymouth towards Crossways (and other surrounding villages) before heading back into the town before heading out on the run, which goes along some of the seafront but is mainly around the residential area. It’s an early morning start and a picturesque location for the swim – although it’s a shame more of the run route isn’t next to the chilly ocean.

How’s the atmosphere?

The atmosphere when you come out of the swim (especially considering how early it is!) is really good and on the last stretch of the run/bike there will be lots of people out on the road cheering you on. But for the majority of the ride and run you are on your own, but as it’s only a sprint you won’t need too much motivation to keep chugging on.

How difficult is Weymouth Triathlon?

For the swim, it all depends on the weather. On my race the weather was excellent and the sea looked like glass so the swim was fairly easy. But I’ve done sea swims before off the Weymouth coast when the weather is rough and it can be a bitch. It was so early (and cloudy) that having the sun in your eyes for the swim wasn’t an issue. The bike is super easy. Going out it is one big climb but before you know if you’re at the half way point and you can fly back down the hill towards the seafront. It’s a main road for some of the race but because it’s so early there won’t be much traffic. It’s a very short cycle. The run is fairly flat but considering you are in a stunning part of Dorset it is shame there’s not more scenery to take in. Vote below in our poll to have your say on how tough this race is.

What is there to do Apres-race?

Weymouth is a smallish seaside town. This time of the year isn’t a great one to make a weekend out of it what with the weather being a bit cold. If you want to make a weekend of it tripadvisor has a great page here full of ideas for things to do. But it’s an early start so after a pasta dinner the night before don’t drink and get carried away!

Weymouth tourism website here.

There is another Weymouth triathlon as well called BustinSkin. Here’s their site. If you’ve taken part and would like to share your experience please email Joe: comments@trireview.co.uk.


My Race Diary

Matt Tozer – Triathlete, swimmer and runner. 2/3 races a year since 2010

Tri no.: 2

Place: 42

Time: 1 hour 26 minutes

This was only my second triathlon so I wasn’t expecting great things but it went really well. The first triathlon I had done the bike was much tougher and made me want to retire my triathlon career early, but this re-invigorated me as I finished about half way down the pack.

Originally I had signed up to the Middle Distance event that takes place on the same day but due to a lack of training I downgraded and I’m glad I did as that race looks tough for the distance. They also get the sprint out the way first ,which is good so it’s not too busy or confusing out there.

Swimming is always my strongest discipline but it was my first sea swim so I didn’t know what to expect. It was quite a rough start with people battling it out, but after a couple of minutes you get some space and can concentrate on your stroke and the route. I stormed the swim and was one of the first out the water, which gave me some confidence. I was slow in the transition as didn’t have all the tri kit back then. Then I had a fairly average cycle and run so did get overtaken by quite a few more serious competitors. But by the time I finished the sun was shining, there was a good atmosphere for the event and I was happy with my result.

Stay in a B&B on the seafront, enjoy the tri and you can make a nice weekend of it.

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