From the editor…

TriReview is the place to read event reviews, pick up tips and share race experiences. We’d like this to be a trusted source of specific advice and information for all triathlons and other endurance races.

This site is not-for profit and anyone can review a race – just submit the form below to comments@trireview.co.uk and we’ll chuck it up on the site for the community to read and comment on. There is also the opportunity to rate each race (in the poll section under each race diary) so please help us by rating the races you have completed and by leaving any extra tips / comments to help build the database.

This site was set up by Joe Tidy but the views of TriReview and it’s community are in no way representative of the BBC.


TriReviewA review template:

When did you run the race?

How well out of 5 was it organised and why?

How good was the course out of 5 and why?

How difficult was the race out of 5 and why?

What was the atmosphere out of 5 and why?

What is there to do after and around the race in the local area or as part of the event?

What advice would you give to someone who was entering this race?

And how did your race go personally? Was it your first? What time did you get?

Email to us: comments@trireview.co.uk

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