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The biggest 10 mile race in the world with more than 25,000 runners taking to the fast flat course in Portsmouth. It’s been going for more than 20 years organised by the same established team responsible for the Great North Run and Great Swim series.

great south run map

Where: Portsmouth, south Englandlogo

When: October

Distance: 10 miles

Size: 25,000 runners

Official race website here.


  • Check the weather reports for any potential storms (2013 was pretty rough!)
  • Train hard and have a PB in mind as it’s the kind of event that will allow for one. 
  • Be prepared for a tough, and probably windy last 2 miles.


Video of the event

What’s the organisation and set up like?

The GSR is really well organised.  The start and finish are very close together and there was lots of parking for competitors and supporters on Southsea Common which is really 

close to all the action. 

The support from Bupa prior to and during the event was fantastic and the fact that they still allowed to the event to go ahead, despite the stormy conditions was a real credit to them.

What’s the course like?

great south run, 10 mile run portsmouth

It’s a fast, flat 10 mile route that takes you though the historic dockyards and several iconic landmarks such as the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth Cathedral and HMS Victory. A jam=packed 10 miles with lots to see.

How difficult is the Great South Run?

The course has lots of turns in it and with approximately 25,000 runners taking part it naturally gets a little congested at times but never for too long. 

The lack of long straight sections helps to make the miles tick by fairly quickly.  The toughest part of the course is definitely the last 2 miles along the seafront which is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. Be warned – these last 2 miles will sap it out of you if you’re not careful.

What was the atmosphere like in the crowds and among the racers?great south run

The atmosphere is usually fantastic and many many people come out to line the route.  The atmosphere between the runners is brilliant too, particularly on that last 2 mile stretch where fellow runners seemed to buddy up and encourage each other along/ shelter from the wind!

What is there to do Apres Race?

The start is located right on the seafront and there are cafes and restaurants within walking distance for a pre-run cup of tea or post-race meal.  The views over to the Isle of Wight are stunning on a clear day too so there’s lots to do whilst waiting for the queues of cars to disappear. It is a big race so expect congestion afterwards. Sit back and enjoy the seaside!


My Race Diary

Zoe McBeth, UltraCrazyGirl, great south run review, running tips advice, 10 mile run
Zoe McBeth, UltraCrazyGirl

Zoe Mcbeth (@UltraCrazyGirl)

Race no.: 1st 10 miler

I have run many races and many distances but this was my first 10 miler.  I really wanted to get sub 1:30 and I did so I was thrilled!  I thoroughly enjoyed the event for it’s atmosphere and for the actual distance and will definitely be doing it again.

Zoe is a regular writer for TriReview but she’s also got her own blog charting her ‘One of Everything’ challenge which you can read here:  

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