IMG Triathlon Training Day, triathlon training programme


IMG Triathlon Training Day, triathlon training programme

It’s often said people are put off triathlon because it’s seen as a daunting and complex sport. Well organisers of the London Triathlon and the Blenheim Palace Triathlon say their training days are successfully converting people from taster days to race days. 

According to IMG who run the sessions, 2013 saw 100% of first time triathletes go from their taster days to at least one race that season. 100% of participants also believed the sessions improved their knowledge of triathlon events taking the fear out of the sport.IMG triathlon training

“The IMG Challenger World Triathlon Training Days, which will take place on 3rd and 4th May in 2014, have successfully inspired hundreds of athletes to take part in triathlon for the first time and helped them master the fundamentals of each discipline.”

The days deliver open water swimming, cycling and running sessions as well as a seminar to offer knowledge, guidance, and support that will help participants get ready for their up and coming training programmes.

The events are designed to prepare people for the big 2 IMG tris – London and Blenheim. 

Here are our writes ups of London Triathlon and Blenheim Palace Triathlon.

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