Biggest Tri Survey Begins

IMG Triathlon Training Day, triathlon training programmetia logo, triathlon survey 2012, triathlon fastest growing sport in the uk, triathlon facts and figures, triathlon reviewsThe Triathlon Industry Association (TIA) has embarked upon ‘the most comprehensive research study ever undertaken of the British tri community’.

The Triathlon Industry Association, which comprises event organisers, equipment manufacturers, tour operators, retailers, distributors, and media, continues to work in conjunction with the sport’s governing body, the British Triathlon Federation to pool data for a comprehensive approach.

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Infographic of 2012 findings taken from TIA website

As the infographic > shows, last year’s survey found some interesting things. For example the demographic of this fast growing sport is 83% higher educated with 56% coming into the sport from a running background.

 This year it’s hoped the survey will provide a detailed insight into:

  • Participation: ranging from when people started the sport to how active they are now
  • Expenditure: what, where and when people are buying and how much they spend
  • Demographic data: who are Britain’s triathletes?

If you’d like to help out and fill in the survey click here. All survey participants will receive a free summary of the results. As a further way of saying thank you, we have more than 160 prizes up for grabs.


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