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3-in-a-row: Wiggle’s New Tri Relay Formats

Wiggle Tri Relays, wiggle racing, triathlon dorney lake, human race triathlon review, wiggle tri relay 2014Human race events 2014, human race triathlon review, triathlon reviewsOnline retailer Wiggle and race organiser Human Race have come up with 2 interesting new formats for triathlon relays.

On Sunday 25th May 2014, Eton Dorney Rowing Lake will host the first annual Wiggle Tri Relays.

The 3 formats on offer are…

  • The Team Relay is a standard relay format comprising a 500m swim, 20km bike and 5km run with each team member taking on one element of the triathlon – one person swims, one cycles and one runs. wiggle tri relays, wiggle tri dorney, trireview, dorney lake triathlon 2014
  • The Team Time Trial includes a 500m swim, 30km bike and 5km run and will see all three team members swim together, cycle together and run together as a unit. This is the fun part – the team can work together and draft throughout the race including on the bike course (unusual in amateur races) with the final team time taken when all 3 triathletes cross the line.
  • The Triple Relay will feature a 500m swim, 15km bike and 5km run. Once again teams will be made up of three members but this time all three will take on the swim leg in a relay format – they swim, pass the metaphorical baton to the next team member who swims, before the final team member then swims. They will then all move on to the cycle leg in the same order as they did the swim, before all finishing up with the run in the same order.  
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Another Human Race event held at Eton-Dorney Lake: SteelMan Triathlon

We’re excited about these last 2 new formats. The drafting and team working style could really make it interesting on the Team Time Trial race with strongest swimmers leading out their teams for the swim and on the bike. The Triple Relay also sounds like fun and great for spectators who can cheer on their racers as they change over at various points.

Ultimately teams will be competing for prizes, which will be split into a Club Championship, Corporate Championship and Overall Competition for both males and females, but many on the day will simply be aiming to have a good time, with the relay formats lending themselves to the more socially motivated triathlete as well as the competitive types.

Human Race CEO, Nick Rusling, said: “Triathlon has always had a reputation as being an individual sport which manages to harness an incredible amount of camaraderie. The Wiggle Tri Relays will take this a step further and the beauty is that we expect to see some fierce competition from club and experienced triathletes, enjoying themselves alongside groups of mates.”

The official charity for the event will be Marie Curie and all entrants will be encouraged to join their Daffodil Team to raise money for the brilliant work they do in caring for those with terminal illnesses.


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