Where: Seaford, south coast of England.

When: August

Distances: Fun, Super Sprint, Sprint and Olympic

Olympic distance completed 2010

Official race website here.


  • Be prepared for the cold, rough waters.triathlon tips, triathlon reviews
  • Don’t enter the race unless you are a strong swimmer – lots of people get fished out of the water and that isn’t a fun day out
  • Tri bars are a no go because of the wind
  • Take care in the tranisition areas as they are very small – so rack your bike nice and early – some had to be racked outside the race area if late
  • The bike loops are very sharp- be careful on the turns as the sea mist can make it slippery.

What’s the organisation and set up like?

The race is well organised with good signage on the course and lots of volunteers to help out and instruct. The run from transition to beach and back is relatively long but lots of people are on hand to guide you. It helps that the race is organised by a triathlete as well and it is an established team who run a triathlon store and other races like Henley tri.

What’s the course like?

The swim is, as I was saying, a bit of a walk down a matted-stoney beach. The waters are cold, rough, dark and not very clean. The bike course runs up and down the beach promenade next to the houses and hotels but it’s short so is lapped at 5km each way so 4 laps or whatever depending on your distance. The run is alongside the cyclists along the path next to the road. The entire course is very exposed so expect it to be cold and windy.

What’s the atmosphere like?

There are lots of holiday makers to cheer you on. It was quite a late start as well compared to other tris so lots of people are out and about to watch and there are good places for spectators to gather. Chances are there’ll be people eating candy floss and chips whilst your slogging it out so it might make you a bit jealous.

How difficult is the South Coast Tri?

The swim has a reputation for being one of the hardest in the UK. It’s rough, cold and dark in there and will test most triathletes. The bike’s not a ride in the park either thanks to a likley mist coming off the water that can makit slippery. Altogether becasue it’s so exposed, this is a tri for the hardy of runners!

What is there to do Apres Race?

There’s not really much to do in the area post race. There’s a burger van etc and that’s your lot! It’s a pretty standard sort of run-down seaside town really.


My Race-Diary

StuartSturgess – triathlete. Ironman distance runner. 3/4 races a year.

Staurt Sturgess

Time: 2:50 approx

Position: unknown

Tri no. 3

The swim was the hardest I’ve ever done. water conditions the toughest I’ve ever faced and the swim took it out of me a lot. I had nothing left for the bike and the run and only just slogged through the rest. My transitions were very weak because of the tough conditions and tiredness. Especially the first one after the at least 50 m up the stony beach after the swim. In the end I was pleased to just finish and kept my head down and went for it!

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