MoFarah London Marathon 2014,

Mo’s twitter pic pre race

Good luck to Britain’s double Olympic champion runner Mo Farah tomorrow who is taking on the 33rd London Marathon!

He’s aiming to break the UK men’s marathon record which hasn’t been done for 29 years. And he’s never actually competed across that distance!

london marathon review advice runners triathlon review

London Marathon: Race Review with Last Minute Tips

Gary Dixon, marathon runner and future centurion!

Gary Dixon, marathon runner and future centurion!

One man who has done a marathon or two is TriReview regular Gary Dixon – tomorrow will be his 63rd marathon – good luck to him! Another TriReview runner taking part is Adam Bennett – he’s just completed Barcelona a couple of weekends ago and is aiming to get his record of less than 3hrs!

All in all there will be around 35,000 runners taking on what many consider the greatest marathon in the world. It’s been going since 1981 and has become the single biggest charity fundraising event worldwide, having raised more than £663 million so far!

Good luck everyone!


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