A new range of personal hygiene care products has been launched aimed specifically at triathletes and endurance racers.

The Secret Training ‘Strip’ range is designed for everything from ‘warm up to clean-up’ for training or racing.

The range has been developed and produced by European Champion Track Cyclist, Tim Lawson. Tim sent Tri Review 2  Strip Packs – 1 to test and 1 to give away.


Secret Training 1 Stip pack contains:

  • Anti-Chafing cream
  • Start Oil
  • Micro Fibre Body Cloths
  • Post Race Wash
  • Lip Balm
  • Pins in a Tin
  • Sun Screen
  • Hand SanitiserSecret Training 2
  • Hygiene Wipes

TriReview thoughts…

When we first heard of this idea we thought it was not something that many racers would be interested in. Afterall, don’t we all ‘enjoy’ the element of grubbiness that racing and training brings? However, once the product is in your hands, even the most sweat-loving of athletes would embrace the luxurious range of products.

It’s clearly a range that has been designed by an athlete and kudos to Tim Lawson who has pretty much thought of everything. The sunscreen in particular is something that a lot of athletes forget to take on race day which is not just disorganised, it’s plain dangerous. There is also the anti-chafing cream which is great on a long cycle or lycra-clad run and the race day pins are a nice touch too.

The only bad part of the range that we found is the ‘Start Oil’ which does feel nice but smells pretty bad and stays on your hands for a long time.

OVERALL the products are nicely designed, and the set is one that will suit athletes the world over – chuck it in the back of the car and you won’t forget anything you need to freshen up for the post-race pub lunch!

If you’d like to win one of the packs, which retail on Secret Training for £49.99, email Joe on to enter the prize draw.


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