VIDEO: Pros and Cons of Midweek Evening Racing


Weekends are precious. For athletes wanting to get out and race, summer Saturdays and Sundays get booked up pretty quickly with triathlons. If you’ve got family or work on weekends this can be a problem and hold people back from racing as much as they’d like to. So why aren’t there more midweek events?

Some triathlon clubs do hold aquathlons in the evenings during the season but if you want a proper triathlon you’l struggle to find one these days. A few of the smaller race organisers do hold evening tris – K2 Sports, Votwo, for example but out of the big boys only Castle Triathlon hold larger evening races. 

Until a few years ago Human Race held regular evening races at Dorney Lake in Buckinghamshire but stopped them to ‘concentrate on it’s growing portfolio of big weekend races’. The race organiser says the evening races were a ‘popular racing format’ but has no plans to restart the series.

We went to Castle Evening Sprint in Hever Castle, Kent to find out the pros and cons of racing midweek. Check out the video above.

Click here for our write up of Castle Tri’s flagship Hever Castle Tri which takes place at the same venue later in the year.

Our conclusion is that there is a big market here for more evening races. Keep them small, over shorter distances and spread them around the country and we bet they’ll be very popular indeed!   

swim hever castle triathlon evening sprint

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