rido saddle RLt review


Product in their words:  “The ‘RLt’ saddle is designed for time triallers, road racers, competition riders and triathletes… essentially those who are looking for more performance whilst at the same time wanting reduced perineal pressure.” 

Product in our words: A slickly designed, super lightweight saddle built for speed. It takes some getting used to but feels good on short to mid-range rides. 

What’s the design like?

rido saddle RLt reviewAs you can see from the Vine above and the pics here, it is a slick design. We liked the colour scheme (white and black) but it does come in a range of
colours to match your bike kit.

It’s easy to fix onto your bike, literally takes 3 mins to replace your old saddle. RIDO are all about the design and have an extensive explainer of how they have designed a saddle they say takes pressure off the painful part of the bum and shifts the weight elsewhere. They say:

In essence it’s the patented design, or more accurately topography, of the RIDO saddle that is the key to its now extensively proven pressure shifting properties (Pressure Shift Geometry TM). It’s unique sculpture not only provides the necessary lift to reduce perineal discomfort but it also offers a variety of rider-saddle contact points, for we all have to move around and adjust ourselves when sitting in one place for extended periods of time.

How does it feel?

rido saddle rlt review picture

It’s a bit of a shock at first. This is the hardest saddle TriReview has used (not a huge frame of reference mind as we are triathletes, not hard core cyclists). For the first 15 mins of the first ride, it was an uncomfortable experience but then after that it sort of clicked and the ‘sweet spot’ was found.

This will of course vary with every rider but once, found this saddle felt like it was vastly improving things. It encourages the rider to sit back a little in the saddle to shift the weight and therefore promotes better cycling technique when you are in a tuck or hunched low.

Does it live up to it’s pitch?

It’s not a saddle for long, sit-up jaunts (RIDO have one for that too) but for a tucked-in thrash about, this is a great ride. It is a hard seat which might not be to everyone’s taste but if we can find the sweet-spot, we’re confident most riders will be able to get onboard with this.
It costs around £68 which is about average for a high-performance saddle. You can get cheaper ones but you could certainly spend a lot more if you wanted to!


RIDO is clearly a company that knows its cycling and tons of work has gone into this design. It’s interesting to see them make a hard ride deliberately but for the type of riding that the RLt is designed for, it seems like they’ve got it right. A great product for fast riders willing to spend a bit of time finding that ‘sweet spot’. It’ll be worth it!


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