Cholmondeley triathlon Lucy Gossage 2014


Cholmondeley triathlon Lucy Gossage 2014

Straight off the back of a stunning win at Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon (29th June), 3 X Ironman Champion Lucy Gossage took time out of her training for Kona to give us her thoughts on the race and, more importantly, her top tips!

This was the fifth Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon in Cheshire which attracted a number of pros plus 1,300 competitors including children and novices.

lucy gossage tri 220 cover
Lucy Gossage – cover girl of Tri 220

Lucy had a commanding lead as the first female to finish the new half iron distance, The Gauntlet and took overall fifth position with 4 hr 34 mins 58 secs.

Lucy treated the event as a training race ahead of Kona and said after the race:

“I dawdled on the bike to be honest and didn’t concentrate as hard as I should have. The run was quite challenging but totally loved the event and thought it was really well organised. It was great to be part of such a big event where all the race distances are on the same day.”

She also told TriReview that Cholmondeley ranks as one of the tougher middle distances races she has ever completed with it’s twisting, hilly bike course and off-road run with a killer hill.

Lucy’s top tips for Cholmondeley tri include:

  • The swim course is a 2 lapper with a run halfway through so lots of turning in the water – practise your turns and also your sighitng to make sure you don’t swim too far off course

    Click here for TriReview's full race review
    Click here for TriReview’s full race review
  • Take your own nutrition and drinks as the stations give out cups of drink instead of bottles which means slowing down or getting wet. Bring your own gels too as some stations ran out on the course
  • Get prepared for a hilly and quite technical bike course with a lot of fast turns and uphill sections
  • Practise riding alone – the bike course is very spread out and you may have long sections of just you and the road
  • Do lots of hill training – running downhill as well as up as this can catch some people out and cause problems
  • Look out for the one bill hill on the run course – it’s a nasty one that you’ll have to do 3 times! At 12 miles the run course is shorter than the usual half marathon but this hill and a couple of smaller climbs more than make up for it!

Lucy’s next race is Alpe d’ Huez in France where she is currently training. To find out more about Lucy and read her pro blog visit


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