Outlaw – The Ironman Distance Triathlon!


The time had finally come, the week of Outlaw’s Ironman distance triathlon. Final preparations were made to my bike as I got new tyres and tubes. I went for the Michelin pro4s with the red tyre wall to match my bike, gorgeous to say the least haha. On the Wednesday I had my final training session. I had a 30 minute swim, 45minute bike and a 15 minute jog. That was it, 6 months hard (but fun) training was over, nothing I would do now will make me any faster for Sundays race.

Friday morning was all go, my partner in crime for the weekend was Stevie Keown, he was the driver for the weekend, and all I had to do was sit in the passenger seat and chill out, happy days for me! Bikes and gear packed up and off we went, Stevie is as laid back as you’ll…

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