stuart hayes windsor triathlon


stuart hayes windsor triathlonTo get people geared up for the 25th Windsor Triathlon, Human Race have asked previous winner Stuart Hayes to give his top tips for winter training…

Stuart Hayes, London 2012 triathlete and winner of Windsor Triathlon in 2009, began competing over 20 years ago and was ranked third in the world at the peak of his career.

He also has an ITU Triathlon World Cup title to his name and made his Olympic debut at London 2012 alongside the Brownlee brothers who went on to win Gold and Bronze in the event.

Here’s what Stu says about winter training…

  1. Before you start your winter training campaign, make sure you have a good strength and conditioning programme to prevent injury during the heavy winter block.windsor triathlon 2014 course, windsor triathlon review, windsor triathlon difficult, windsor triathlon hills
  2. Make sure you fuel your body properly before, during and after training to improve recovery and prevent sickness.
  3. Regular stretching and massage are vital
  4. Use the indoor bike trainer and treadmill when the weather is bad
  5. Take a rest day once a week

Stuart will be putting these tips to good use this winter as he prepares to compete in the 25th Windsor Triathlon on 14th June 2015. 

TriReview made a short film about this amazing race this summer – check it out below and the full race review with specific tips here.

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