Isoman triathlon, equal tiathlon, triathlon equality


Isoman triathlon, equal tiathlon, triathlon equality
Road Swimmer – Isoman Publicity Pic

A new triathlon is starting next year that hopes to test triathletes’ abilities in each discipline EQUALLY.

According to the organisers of Isoman Triathlon, long distance triathletes spend around 10% of the total race time swimming, 54% of the time cycling and 36% running. The aim of Isoman, they say is to ‘address this imbalance and create a triathlon for which all disciplines demand an equal level of excellence’.

The huge distance differences are definitely one of the things that onlookers find puzzling about the relatively young sport of triathlon. ‘Why is the swim so short?’ people say or ‘how come the bike leg is so long?’. For anyone who’s raced a triathlon, these questions are easy to answer as the format is widely regarded to be share out the exertion equally. But this new event will put that to test.

Isoman Tri Pie ChartOn Saturday 18th July 2015 the inaugural Isoman triathlon event will take place in Worcestershire at the Arrow Valley Countryside Centre. Participants will be able to do a full ‘iron distance’ equivalent (see graph) or a half or a quarter. Tri Revew will be there to try out the half and see for ourselves what an ‘equal tri’ feels like!

Another major change that Isoman is making to the sport is that transitions won’t be timed. Each racer will get 5 mins in the transitions to get themselves ready for the next discipline and if anyone tries to jump the gun, they’ll be penalised. Again – an interesting concept! Here’s why according to the organisers:

“In Isoman we are not really interested in how quickly you can get dressed we would rather see your sporting excellence doing the actual sport!”

What do you think of these new ideas? Gimmick or game changer? Let us know below…




  1. V v interesting! I thnk I like it! It pisses me off that good cyclists think they are great triathletes when in fact they’re just lucky! lol

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