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Windsor Triathlon is celebrating its 25th year this year and they’ve decided to change the swim course to improve things for athletes.

Although Windsor Tri is up there with the best races in the world (see our review and advice for the race here), it’s fair to say the swim is a bit bizarre.

Triathletes have to swim across the Thames’ strong current to the far bank which is shallow enough in parts to stand up in and wade along. Then it’s upstream before turning and coming back at serious speed with the current.

So it’s a bit of a messy swim and that’s why organisers have changed it to this… 

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The new start will be located further west, close to Windsor Leisure Centre. Unlike previous years the swim will now go with the current of the river for the first three quarters of the 1,500m section, sticking to the south bank, which will significantly aid hopes of an Olympic Distance PB.

Once participants reach Eton pedestrian bridge they will turn and that’s where the real test begins with the final several hundred metres being against the flow. Everybody exits at the traditional location where transition will remain.

Small improvements will also be made to the bike and run sections which are expected to be announced soon.

Human Race said of the changes:

“After 25 years we’ve decided it was time to change the main area of our great event that people weren’t so keen on – the swim course. With the current to swim against and shallow waters – it was time to make some changes. The majority of your swim will now be with the current, which could lead to some interesting swim PBs. The course will no longer include the shallow, far side of the river. We think you’ll prefer this. 

We at TriReview think it’s a good idea and will definitely yield some amazing, and perhaps unsustainable, swim times which athletes will struggle to replicate in normal siwm conditions.

There are still about 200 places left, so go for it and good luck!


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