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Brownlee Admits He ‘Messed Everything Up’ As Mola Wins 1st World Series Race

ITU World Champion, Gwen Jorgensen, USA, and Mario Mola of Spain took the gold medals at the opening round of the ITU World Triathlon Series in Abu Dhabi. Jonathan Brownlee was Britain’s top finisher in fifth over the sprint distance event.

Jorgensen started the run exactly 60seconds behind the leader, Flora Duffy of Bermuda. However, the world champion closed that gap and went on to win by nearly a minute. Jorgensen said that she was ‘shocked’ how well she ran, commenting: “I’ve had some good run sessions but I didn’t know I was running that well.”

In the men’s race there was no clear break in the swim, which allowed all of the fast runners to get into a large pack of cyclists and position themselves well for the run.

Mola finished a clear gold medal winner. Jonathan Brownlee was disappointed with fifth, but finished one place ahead of ITU World Champion, Javier Gomez.

He said: “I wanted better than that. I messed up everything I possibly could, that’s what the first race is about. I thought my running was going well, but obviously not so well off the bike. I got into it later on but it was too late then.”

In contrast, Mola said: “It was better than I could have expected. I put in 100% [on the run] and I’m pleased with the result.”



  1. Gwen Jorgensen, USA, 58:59
  2. Katie Zaferes, USA, 59:15
  3. Flora Duffy, BER, 59:23
  4. Jodie Stimpson, GBR, 1:00:11
  5. Lucy Hall, GBR, 1:00:56
  6. Heather Sellars, GBR, 1:01:18 – WTS Debut
  7. Emma Pallant, GBR, 1:02:05


  1. Mario Mola, ESP, 52:32
  2. Vincent Luis, FRA, 52:45
  3. Richard Murray, RSA, 52:50
  4. Jonathan Brownlee, GBR, 53:03
  5. Adam Bowden, GBR, 53:49
  6. Gordon Benson, GBR, 54:12
  7. Mark Buckingham, GBR, 54:19

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