challenge roth 2014 bike course

Getting A Spot At Challenge Roth Just Got A Bit Easier

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It’s one of the best races in the world and one of the hardest to get a place on.

But now, age group athletes have the chance to secure a guaranteed spot at DATEV CHALLENGEROTH with today’s announcement of CHALLENGE FAMILY Europe’s Roth Rewards Programme.

With entries selling out in seconds, Roth is one of the world’s most sought after races and now athletes have the chance to earn themselves a guaranteed spot through race participation, loyalty and engagement.

challenge roth 2014 bike course
Review: Challenge Roth – one of the greatest races on earth

Roth Rewards can be earned at all Challenge Europe races through a number of ways:

  • The Frequent Racer Roth Reward allocates 10 slots to the athletes who submit the highest total mileage from European races throughout the season.
  • The Best Story Roth Reward is awarded to the athletes at each race with the most compelling stories, told through a video of photo essay, whether it’s overcoming illness or injury, facing physical challenges or transforming their life through triathlon.
  • The Friends and Followers Roth Reward rewards athletes from each of Europe’s 12 races who build the greatest social media engagement and finally the Club Roth Reward allocates spots to the club with the most participating athletes at the respective races.

“We see Roth Rewards as an excellent way to engage with our athletes and learn and share their inspiring stories,” said CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO, Zibi Szlufcik. “In return we can say thank you to them for their loyalty with the chance to enter CHALLENGEROTH, the greatest race on earth.”

Further information on the Roth Rewards Programme and how to enter can be found at 

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