Jonny brownlee injury


Jonny brownlee injury

Bad news for Jonny Brownlee who has suffered an injury that will pretty much end his season and could put his chances of making the Rio Olympics triathlon team in jeopardy.

He broke the news on Twitter on Wednesday saying: “Back from St Moritz earlier than I hoped. Got a femoral stress fracture. Hope to be back for Chicago!”

Chicago is the Grand Final of this year’s series and takes place in September. So it’s going to be a long but hopefully painless recovery for the former world champion. Unfotunately this also means he’s likely to miss the Rio Olympics test event on 2nd August. However, we’d be very surprised if British Triathlon couldn’t find a way to squeeze the 2nd best triathlete in the country into the team.

On the Bro’s Facebook Jonny said:

“I’m obviously very disappointed. I raced really well in Auckland and the Gold Coast, and then was unlucky in London (he got a puncture), so I was looking forward to a strong second half of the season. I need to focus on my rehab in the first instance and then gradually get back into some training. I’m not going to rush it because next year is a big year, but I will be doing what I can to be back for Chicago this year.

Brendan Purcell, British Triathlon performance director, said:

“It’s a huge blow to Jonny to get injured at this point in the season. A scan has confirmed a stress fracture in his left femur, but it’s less severe than we initially thought. As with any injury, we’ll monitor his progress very closely because the response to rest and rehabilitation is highly individual. We’ll do everything we can to get Jonny back into training quickly, bearing in mind that next year is a crucial year.”

We wish Jonny a speedy recovery. And will be cheering on Ali for the rest of the season s he tries to reign in Javier Gomez who is currently in the lead.



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