Challenge's Athlete Profile Web Page


Challenge's Athlete Profile Web Page
Challenge’s Athlete Profile Web Page

Ever wondered how much the world’s top triathletes earn?

Well, race giants Challenge have started a pro-ranking system based on earnings so now we know! Challenge Family released the mid-year prize money earnings of the top 20 male and female professional athletes racing Olympic and long course races. The figure is all prize money, across not just their own races, but that of WTC (Ironman) and ITU so it gives us a great insight into how much the top pros in Tri earn, minus sponsorships and endorsements. 

The top 5 men:


Top 5 women:Pro-Women-Prize-Money-copy



As you can see the sports women are earning much more prize money than the chaps. Pretty much the opposite of all other world sports!

Daniela Ryf earnings
Daniela Ryf is the top earner – click here for full profile

Swiss star Daniela Ryf is the top earner in the world earnings well over $100k in the last 6 months. A win at Challenge Dubai no doubt helped her with a massive $65k for the winner. The top men’s earner Terenzo Bozzone also won that big prize.

The ranking system has been created by Challenge as part of it’s drive to develop the professionalism of triathlon. The idea actually came from the athletes themselves as part of a forum where many athletes said they “felt that triathlon should adopt a similar system that is applied at the FedExCup as part of the PGA Tour, a world ranking system determined by points.”

Challenge says it’ll update the rankings on a weekly basis and will be pushing for this to be the recognised ranking for the sport.


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