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Click here for our full review of this event

Triathlon returns once again to Hever Castle in Kent on Saturday and Sunday with a jam-packed, televised weekend (Channel 4 filming) with competitors of all ages and abilities signed up to take part in what has become the 2nd biggest triathlon in the UK.

Fittingly for its 7th edition, the number 7 features prominently throughout the event – starting with a record breaking number of entries currently standing at 7,000. The youngest competitor lining up in the world’s biggest kids race is 7, whilst the oldest competitor is 77.

The event attracts some of the best triathletes in Britain and from across the world who are set to race hard and fast for their share of the trophies and prize money.

Up for grabs this year is a prize fund of £8k that stands at £2,000 for the standard distance race, whilst those triumphing in the toughest challenge of the day, the half-iron Gauntlet race, will also take home their share of £2,000.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a prize, you may want to check out our review of the race which is packed full of tips and advice. Here are a few must reads:


  • Arrive early to get a close parking spacetriathlon tips, triathlon reviews
  • Be prepared for mud – it’s a hefty walk from the car park to the start through muddy woods
  • Save some energy at the end of the swim for the 100m uphill dash to transition
  • Be prepared for hills – it’s a very technical bike course

And here’s our video review of the evening series which may give you an idea of the setting at least:


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