The Secret To Running 100 Marathons Is Freddo Bars

Gary Dixon, marathon runner and Centurion!
Gary Dixon, marathon runner and Centurion!

Last weekend, long time contributor to TriReview, Gary Dixon, became a Marathon Centurion. Yep, that makes him part of the elite club of people who have run 100 marathons! We asked him some of the burning questions about how on earth (and why) he did it!

  • Where was No.100?!

Chester Marathon was my 100th marathon. It was great to get to my goal of 100 races but it meant I’ve now done 25 marathons in 2015! I had a great time but I’m already off for my next race – Chicago this coming weekend. I’ll be paccing one of the 4.55 groups.

  • How on earth do you keep going?

163I am a very stubborn individual who gets up at 5am most mornings to do my 6-7 mile training runs when I am in the UK. For some reason I have buckets of energy – particularly given the fact that I have an appalling diet. My energy during marathons comes from 5-6 Freddo bars!!

  • How do you remain injury free?

This is even more unexplained given the fact that I don’t stretch before or after I run. I have also played 1st XI cricket all season (opening the bowling) but don’t pick up any niggles. After running the Chester Marathon (no.100!) – I felt totally fine the next day! That said, I think the main reason I stay free from injury is that I don’t push myself. I am never running at any more than 60 – 70% of my maximum capacity so am always running well within myself.

  • Which is the best and worst marathon you’ve completed?

THE FINAL STEPSBest marathon without doubt was Comrades (reviewed by Gary here) which I did in 2013 & 2014! However, as it is 89km calling it the Comrades Marathon is ‘misleading’ Aside from that – in USA I preferred Chicago to New York (reviewed here). In Europe – Rome (reviewed here) was my favourite.

As for worst – to achieve my goal this year of Chester being my 100th marathon I have run some very low key marathons including multiple loops. One of them was 31 undulating loops of 0.87 miles on a cold and wet December morning. So I would say that no marathon could labelled as ‘the worst’ – some are just mentally more challenging than others.

Congratulations from TriReview Gary! Here’s to 200!

Chester 2015 059

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