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outlaw triathlon swim start, outlaw triathlon swim advice, outlaw triathlon wetsuit, outlaw triathlon reviewOrganisers of the Outlaw Triathlon, One Step Beyond, have confirmed a new Outlaw Half event to take place on 3 July 2016 covering a 1900m swim, 56mile bike ride and 13.1mile run. This will run as well as the sold-out Half event in Nottingham on 29 May at a new venue, which is to be announced.

This is potentially brilliant news and not that unexpected. Outlaw triathlon is regularly voted as one of the best races in the UK and has a unique quality different to that of Challenge/ Ironman. Here’s our review of the Outlaw (iron distance).

The Outlaw Half sold out in not much more than a minute this summer. Adding a second Half event has been in the pipeline for two years, but securing a suitable venue that is in keeping with the principles of the existing Outlaw events has taken some time and close working with local communities.Outlaw-Logo-300x224

Event Director, Iain Hamilton, commented: “We wanted to find a totally new venue that is not already used for triathlon racing, and wanted to ensure that the new event is similar to the exiting ones.

“What we’ve got is a fantastic family friendly venue and an event that features and out-and-back lake swim, flat one-lap bike course and a multi-lap run course so that spectators can easily follow the action. There’s also camping and family activities on site.”

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Our Review of Outlaw

He added: “There are a lot more middle and long distance races in Britain now than when we launched the Outlaw in 2010, but what the Outlaw offers is a lower cost, very high quality racing experience.

“Every year the positive feedback we get from competitors overwhelms us, particularly relating to our event crew, and we’re very excited about having a new event for 2016 after a long time spent securing a new venue.”

Pre registration is open now via http://www.onestepbeyond.org.uk/secret-outlaw-half-triathlon-info-request-2016.php. Those signing up will be the first to find out the new venue and gain access to the entry system when the event opens at the end of November.

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