The Commando Series is a 6km/12km 15 obstacle and endurance challenge at Hever Castle in Kent. Castle Series, who’ve been running triathlons for years, describe the obstacles on the course as “exact replicas of the obstacles used by the Royal Marine Commandos at the Training Centre in Devon”. 

commando series mud run, commando series 2015, hever castle mud run, tough mudder hever castle, castle series obstacle race,Check out the ‘run through’ of the race above to see what faced the first 700 people to take this race on in November 2015.

As it’s the first year of the race, we won’t give it a full-on review but safe to say, this race is brilliant and the course is one of the best we’ve done of the various mud runs around the UK (see our full list here).commando series lake crawl, commando series mud run 2015, hever castle obstacle race

The man made obstacles like monkey bars, long wire and slippy slide are fantastic and challenging but it’s the natural obstacles that really set this race apart.

There are caves that you have to crawl through in complete darkness, there’s a cold, deep lake you have to traverse and one of the best bits is simply running up a shallow stream.

The organisers put on a superb event and no doubt it’ll be refined for next year. Perhaps made a bit more difficult and make it more spectator friendly but overall, we hope they don’t change too much because this is classic race in the making!



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