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Major triathlon race organiser Challenge has announced plans to stop athletes cheating in its races.

Organisers of Challenge Roth, the world’s biggest long distance tri, say they are reacting to the revelation that a female cyclist was recently found with an electric motor inside her bike during a cyclo-cross race in Belgium.

Femke Van den Driessche of Belgium

The race organiser says: “the largest addition this year is the prevention of so-called ‘technical doping’ on the bike with the use of unauthorised small auxiliary engines. This is a new issue: the triathlon world such cheating is yet to be seen. However DATEV Challenge Roth is being proactive and will block from the outset any such behaviour through intensive and complex control mechanisms and measures.”

The competition referees are already trained in these issues and at bike check-in, each individual bike will be checked by a mechanic. On race day itself, stationery and mobile thermal imaging cameras along the course will be used to identify any modifications to the wheels. Finally, when in T2, each wheel will again undergo scrutiny by a thermal imaging camera.

“We don’t want to put anyone under suspicion,” said race organiser, Felix Walchshöfer. “On the contrary, we want to protect our fair and honest athletes. We place huge importance on the sport of triathlon, and especially our event staying clean. Through our comprehensive preventative measures, we will ensure there is no chance of cheating at DATEV Challenge Roth.”

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