sundried activewear 2016 triathlonSundried is a relatively young triathlon brand but its already making waves with it’s ethical ethos and the company has big plans to push the envelope.

The Essex-based firm is preparing for what is probably a first in sportswear: making clothing from recycled plastics and used coffee.

sundried activewear outdoor triathlon
2016 collection

Sundried told TriReview: “we’ve been developing a sustainable technology suitable for activewear. By utilising coffee’s natural ability to block odour, the fabric is the ideal choice for some of our new garments.”

How they’re getting their materials is also pretty cool: “we’re partnering with coffee shops and collecting their used coffee grounds to supply the raw material,” they said. “What was once thought of as garbage, now can be looked at as “trash to cash” while we continue to collect used coffee ground and plastic bottles from landfills by giving it another life.” 

This is a big step for the triathlon company which successfully launched a collection of training gear sourced and made sustainably this year thanks to crowd funding. Their pilot collection has been ‘inspired and tested by leading triathletes’.

Sundried founder and Triathlete Daniel Puddick says: “We’ve used materials and production processes that are kind to the environment, and our clothing is made in Portugal by experienced and fairly treated specialists.”


We’re excited to see how the clothing comes out and were given some of this year’s collection to try out…



By Joe Tidy

Full disclosure – I like the brand and already owned a hoody of theirs (see pic at Chantilly triathlon) before they sent me the new gear. sundried triathlon joe tidyHowever, the brand has changed logos and materials from top to bottom since then so it was a pleasant surprise to receive a package with a very different and significantly improved feel.

I was sent the Sundried Ortler Trousers (£64) and the Sundried Dom Tee (£40). As you can tell they are what I would argue ‘premium’ in terms of price but the quality does indeed match. Firstly they come in very slick packaging and both garments feel very strong and long-lasting. 

The trousers are especially nice. In fact they are the best jogging bottoms I have ever owned and have a reassuringly ‘heavy’ feel to them. I like the thigh zip pockets which are good for storing phone or keys without them annoying your running stride. I would strongly recommend these to any triathletes either looking for

sundried triathlon clothing shirt
The “Sundried Dom Tee” (this isn’t me!)

nice fitting and comfortable joggers to do short to medium runs in, or just to wear on the way to training and look good!

The Dom Tee is also a quality garment. They’ve clearly spent a considerable amount of time on the design and I like the fit and feel. Not a huge fan of the colour but that’s just me! The material is very breathable and wicks away the sweat nicely. The logo also feels like a nice addition to a prominent part of the tee (see pic) which is normally a bit of a turn off but hey, it’s a cool logo so I don’t mind one bit. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend the collection to other triathletes. Obviously I haven’t tried out the women’s version (not my bag!) but I know all the clothes are handmade in the same Portuguese factory so I would bet on the same excellent standard.





  1. Just a dam shame there getting ambassadors sell there clothes at really high rate is £75 for men’s leggings. When they sell them for £31 on amozan.. ambassadors wasn’t aware of this until tonight.
    Woman’s sports bra £45 amozan £19
    Shocking that pts have been ripping there family’s and clients off . Being told prices was high because there eco friendly and so on . To then see these massive difference in prices

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