Castle Howard Triathlon, castle howard triathlon review, triathlon reviewsCastle triathlon have announced that the Standard distance at Castle Howard Triathlon (23rd July) has been awarded with 2018 ETU Standard Distance Qualifier status by the British Triathlon Federation.
Growing Age-Group Team GB Entries

In 2016, the amount of Great Britain Age-Group Team entries to ITU World Championships and ETU European Championships grew by 15% from the previous year, showing the growing popularity of representing the nation with triathlon. Organisers expect that trend to continue in 2017, where another group of high-quality events for aspirant team members are on offer in order to earn the right to wear the Great Britain Age-Group Team tri suit.

castle triathlon series logo pictures, triathlon reviewCastle tri said of their race: “with amazing architecture, in a stunning landscape, it’s unsurprising that for many years Castle Howard has been used as the setting for film productions such as Brideshead Revisited, and it’s become a perfect venue for triathlon as well. This is an exciting step for Castle Howard Triathlon and we look forward to seeing the first year of age group qualifiers compete in the picturesque castle grounds in North Yorkshire.”

For the full list of ETU and other qualifiers visit: 


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