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CASTLE HOWARD FINISH LINE 2014, CASTLE HOWARD FINISH, CASTLE HOWARD REVIEW 2014Format – team of four all do 250m swim / 5km bike / 1.5km run one after the other!

It was deemed a big success at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and is set to be introduced at the 2020 Olympics, and now you can have a crack at the mixed relay format too!

Mixed relays are fresh to the Castle Triathlon Series in 2017 and are rare in the current European triathlon market.

A team of four consisting of two males and two female participants race in a tag team completing a short triathlon each before handing over to the next team member.

The shortened distances of 250m swim / 5km bike / 1.5 km run will be conducted on existing castle routes and the cyclists will benefit from closed road circuits.

This is why they introduced it at the Glasgow games in 2014 and why it’s become such a hit:

“As the sport continues to grow in popularity, the Triathlon Mixed Relay  provides an attractive blend of fast-paced action and frequent lead changes, making it both exciting to participate in and to watch.”

Other relay formats also on offer by Castle:

  • Mixed adult relay – Four adult team members consisting of two males and two female participants.
  • Family relay – Four members of the same family can take part including at least one adult and no specific gender split required. Minimum age is 13 ( as of 31 December of competing year).
  • Junior relay (8-12 year olds) – Four children aged 8-12 year olds with no specific gender split required. The children relay will be shorter: 150m/2km/600m and will remain on the castle estate.

The racing will take part at three of our five castles; Lough Cutra Castle, Cholmondeley Castle and Castle Howard on the Saturday afternoon of the triathlon festival weekend.

Click here for our reviews of all 5 of the series races: Hever Castle Triathlon, Cholmondeley Castle Tri, Chateau Chantilly Tri, Lough Cutra Castle Tri, Castle Howard Triathlon.

To sign up to the relay race click here!


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