Average Joe Logo.jpgI’m Joe and I’m an average triathlete who is attempting to become an ‘Ironman’!

I now have 6 months to go until my first (and probably last) Iron-distance race at the inaugural Ironman Italy Emilia-Romagna.ironman italy emilia romagna

I’m a bit scared!

As editor of this site I’ve completed over a dozen Olympic/ Sprint triathlons and even had a crack at a half-iron distance race but this will be a real challenge.

The actual training is pretty straight-forward (albeit massively time-consuming) but how on earth do you fit all that around the everyday pressures of a full on job, marriage and 2 little kids?! 

Plus I’m a less-than hardened athlete with constant injury issues so it’s going to be a challenge! These dilemmas will form the basis of this diary and I hope to share with you some honest insights into the reality of what is often described as ‘The Most Selfish Sport’. I’d also love any help/ advice from readers too!

Fingers crossed my marriage/ job/ sanity survives as I can’t wait to race this brand new Ironman and making it across that finish line to hear those famous words:

“You are an IRONMAN!!”

It’s something I’ve witnessed loads of times on the races I’ve covered as part of my job as a presenter of triathlon shows on Channel 4/ Sky Sports/ Eurosport but I’ve always wanted to be the one crossing the line.

In the meantime, I think THIS will be my life for the next month or so as I try to get the bike miles in before the roads and weather become a little more welcoming.

This is only about 20 mins into a brilliant bike training programme I’m doing which I love as it is varied and only takes about 45 mins (time is king!). Strongly recommend it for anyone like me who is struggling for time and also gets bored of the indoor-cycle slog.

As you can see from the sweaty mess, my fitness needs to improve A LOT over the next few weeks before I pick up the miles/ time in the saddle.

Til next time!



2 thoughts on “AVERAGE JOE TO IRONMAN – Diary 1

  1. Hi Joe Good luck and enjoy the training as you go along.
    I’m heading to Hamburg for inaugural ironman looking for third time lucky and a PB
    First Bolton got 2 cracked ribs
    Outlaw had first asthma attack now officially a wheezy old woman !
    The trainings The had bit to juggle then you breeze through race day
    Remember anything is possible 😁

  2. Have a great race! I have never had anything compare to crossing the IM finish line. You are correct about it being selfish. Make time for your family and miss a workout when family should take priority. The training is grueling but race day is incredible!

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