Super League Triathlon is taking the tri world by storm with big budget coverage and big-cheque prize money. Last weekend saw the first stage of the series bring together the best of the world’s triathletes in Hamilton Island, Australia for a mixed-format re-imagining of the sport.

The grueling competiton saw the chaps race 8 times in 48hrs with Richard Murray taking the overall huge prize of $100k. Mario Mola came second ($50k) and Jake Birtwistle came third ($30k).

Highlights here:

It remains to be seen if the slick new series will be a major game changer for the sport but it’s already having a big impact on the overall pro earnings as collated by Challenge Family Triathlon.

It’s only week 12 and there were plenty of other races on the weekend (IM 70.3 Taiwan, IM 70.3¬†Campeche, Mexico, IM 70.3 Puerto Rico) but look how one weekend of Super League has impacted the overall earnings ranks…

(not sure why Richard Murray isn’t credited with the full $100k!)



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