Average Joe LogoBefore this challenge, cycling was my least favourite part of training for triathlon.

The main reason, like always, is time. I usually only have about an hour or so to work out by the time I’ve got to the gym or hit the road and getting a decent ride in with less than 60mins is pretty hard unless you live in the Himalayas!

HOWEVER! That has all changed recently as I’ve discovered that you CAN do a decent indoor session in about an hour and this has given me a new love of the sport.

So I was pretty excited about the prospect of getting my trusted stead out of the shed this week and seeing whether my gym-fitness translated into road-fitness. It did! Here’s my little diary.

As I say in that video, cycling is going to be my saviour. I hope. My challenge is not just to complete an Ironman but to turn up to the race in one piece so anything I do that’s non-load-bearing is key!

I reckon I’m going to only train on the knee every other day. At least for the next few months before the intense 12-weeks or so out of the race. So that means probably one long ride a fortnight. Is this going to be enough?!

Anyway, can’t wait for another afternoon off work/ dad-duty to hit the road once more…

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