Let's Do This triathlon team, lets do this pop up city triathlon, pop up triathlon


Let's Do This triathlon team, lets do this pop up city triathlon, pop up triathlonHundreds of city workers in London’s Canary Wharf put their egos and company names on the line in Castle Triathlon’s unique Pop-Up Triathlon.

Banking rivals gathered on a specially built stage in Montgomery Square which included in an endless pool, spin bike and treadmill. 

“Lets Do This”, the endurance sports listings website, took the winning slot on the competitive leader board covering an impressive distance of 4595m as their team swam for 3 minutes in an endless pool, cycled for 4 minutes on a cycle ergometer and ran for 3 minutes on a treadmill.

The event saw the top three teams battle for the winning spot in a Grand Final that was exceptionally close.

The ridiculously impressive feat was contested by many other teams including last year’s winner Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds and Barclays.

Three highest recorded distances:

  1. Sam Browne from Lets Do This ran the winning distance of 900m in 3 mins
  2. Doug Bendle from Adelphi Capital had the winning distance on the bike covering with 3.7km
  3. Lara Nyman from Credit Suisse covered 258m in 3 minutes in the endless swimming pool

Race Director, Brian Adcock comments: “The event was hailed a huge success from all those taking part, spectators and partners. We successfully transported triathlon to the door-step of the corporates offices and celebrated the sport.”

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