Skipping. It’s something I started doing earlier this year for the times when I needed to be at home whilst my boys were asleep. Stick the monitor in the garden and do a quick 20 min session. For the last few months I’ve considered it my ‘secret weapon’, a better-than-treadmill work out to keep me fit when on Dad Duties.

However, it didn’t take long for skipping to become a staple in my gym sessions and I’ve now realised it’s massively impacting on the time I spend doing actual triathlon training!

I really enjoy it and what was once a ‘needs must’ activity has definitely become something I take too much time over.

I sort of realised it’s bad for training (see video diary) but now I also realise it’s probably bad for me too.

As I said in my video – I wanted to get some advice from a pro so I contacted Emma Pallant, 2x World Duathlon Champion, Pro Triathlete and coach too. This is what she said:

“Hi Joe, I would say it is a bad idea to do skipping. The impact landing can be a lot. You’re better off doing more functional training with miles on the run :).”Emma Pallant london triathlon

So there you are then. It looks like skipping is off the menu. Need to get better at hitting the road and knuckling down to actual, hard miles. Long way to go.

On a more positive note, I’ve signed up to Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon half-iron distance! Really excited about this as it’ll give me a chance to gauge how my training is getting on.

I’ve got about 7 weeks to go and it’ll be the second half I have done. The last one was bloody horrible so I’m determined to put the work in and actually enjoy this one!

Here’s a recent lovely training ride I did – see I AM trying! 


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