It’s almost time for my half ironman – the first major test to see how fit (or not) I am.

I’m racing Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon – it’s the 4th of Castle Triathlon Series’ 5 races and if it’s anything like the others I’m expecting a tough, picturesque and amazing challenge.

But am I ready? My answer to this auction is always the same – you are NEVER ready. Not one race has gone past where I’ve not thought at some stage, ‘this is horrible, why am I doing this?!’.

However, I feel a bit more nervous than usual and here’s why:

Anyway, it WAS a great holiday and I didn’t mention in the video that I also hired a bike and went on a couple of very windy but fun rides.

Fingers crossed I can have an injury free, confidence-building race in Cholmondeley!


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