Review: Sundried’s Triathlon Gear Made From Recycled Coffee

We’ve been a fan of what Sundried are doing for a while. 

This year they’ve released a few new items well worth looking into especially as some, including their Olperer Men’s T-Shirt is made from recycled coffee beans.

Intriguing we thought so they sent us one to try out.

As the company put it: 

“You’ve probably heard of fabric being made from recycled water bottles, but coffee is the latest development in responsible sourcing. First developed by a Taiwanese company in 2008, the use of coffee grounds to make clothes has been on the rise ever since. The fabric produced has a number of benefits, especially for activewear and gym clothing. It is fast-drying, sweat-wicking, and de-odorising, all benefits which are hugely important for performance clothing. Not only that, it does not require the high-temperature treatment that other materials require which reduces CO2 emissions leading to a greener planet.”

So to answer those claims about this new material and process for workout clothes:


Fast Drying – Yep.

Sweat-wicking – Absolutely.

De-Odorising – hard to tell as this reviewer didn’t ask anyone to smell him! 

The sweat-wicking is particularly impressive here. I tried it out on a few runs and a very hot turbo session and the sweat was wicked up a treat. The colour is also really interesting. Normally a grey t-shirt is a bad idea as sweat shows up much worse than other colours but the dappled effect on this T-shirt somehow hides it. You can be a sweaty mess but still look fresh.

Overall, we’re a big fan of this T-shirt and feel even better when we think about how environmentally friendly the material and process is! Here’s the link to take a look yourselves. 

The other item we tested was Sundried’s Men’s Performance Tri Suit. 

This is how the company describe it:

“Sundried’s premium men’s triathlon suit is designed to provide exceptional performance for triathletes. Suitable for swimming, cycling and running, the suit fits like a second skin to keep you dynamic. Our fabric is fast-drying and chlorine-resistant with a hypoallergenic chamois pad, providing comfort and shock absorption on your ride without irritation.”

Sundried-Mens-Trisuit_1024x1024Sundried-Mens-Trisuit-Back_grandeTri suits are hard to buy. They are, generally, unflattering and often ugly. This one is simple and quite clever in it’s design – the white block colour seem to be complimentary to the tummy and torso area. 

I also like the back design too and the colour scheme is simple and modern.

It’s very comfortable with snug leg elastic and nice material (not coffee beans!).

As for the “shock absorption”, this is where I think they could have improved it with more padding. It’s a difficult balance of course as the more padding then the more water is taken on in the swim and the more in the way it is during the run but slightly more padding could have made it more comfy for the mega-long rides.

Overall, this tri suit is one of the most stylish and slickest on the market and definitely one to check out. Here’s the link



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