I can’t wait to get onto that start line! Not in an “I’m ready and confident” way but in an “please just let me get this done,” kind of way!

The last few months of ‘hard training’ (I say this because, for some, it will not seem hard!) has been a huge challenge. A challenge on the body and obviously a challenge in terms of balancing family and work life. But one ting I didn’t expect was that it would challenge me so much mentally. Staying focused and motivated is normally easy when a big race is booked but this has been tough. Finding new running and cycling routes to keep it all fresh is difficult when you’re bashing out half marathons and 100km rides on a weekly basis! 

Having, and sticking to the 12 week magazine plan has been brilliant though. I put all my trust in the makers of it and followed it as much as I could. And it REALLY works! I’ve never been fitter and I’ve surprised myself how far and hard I can swim, bike and run.

As you’ll see form the above video – I’ve not been able to complete the plan. Not one week did I manage to do everything on it but I feel like I did as much as humanely possible with all the commitments I have. I actually don’t think anyone with a family/ job/ social life would be able to do it all!

Anyway, with just days to go, I feel good overall. I’ve got a last minute hip niggle which I really hope is just in my head. But I feel like, as long as I don’t have a major disaster, I wil make it over that line.

To end, for anyone who might be thinking of taking on a challenge like this – these are the things I wish I knew before I started:

  • Don’t skip the long bike rides. They are literally the most important of all the sessions and the first to go when time is short.
  • Do – get a plan and stick to it.
  • Don’t overtrain or try to catch up if you miss a session – that’s how I got injured/ my niggle
  • Don’t let  convention tie you down to nutrition – I experimented over weeks and found a good old cheese sandwich is the best thing for me on the bike!
  • Do – try to train as much as you can with other people. I didn’t and it was lonely.

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