Tatton Park Triathlon is a massive event with thousands of runners taking on the waters and lanes of the 1000 acre Cheshire Park. Organisers pride themselves on the scenery and it doesn’t disappoint but the atmosphere and race preparation could be better. Review – September 2012.

Distances available: Olympic, Sprint and Super Sprint.

Official race website here.

Organisation: 3/5

Tatton Park Triathlon is a new event and has a laid-back style of organisation despite it’s size. There is no paperwork as everything is done online from sign-up to race-day. There is the option to register the day before the race from 3pm and rack your bike if you wish to, with most racers registering the day before but rack on the day. Wave times  start from 7.30am after a madatory safety briefing at 7.10am and triathletes found out the day befoe when they’d be called up to start. This is a little late to find out and for friends hoping to come and spectate it can cause problms and put people off which is a shame. The race cost £65.00 inc insurance.
Course: 4/5.
Organisers pitch this as the ‘most scenic race in the north west’ and it is very pretty. Tatton is a very picturesque park with deer and sheep running around. The water in Tatton Mere is normally a respectable temperature so no shock to the system as you get in! It is very shallow at the entry point but still a good warm temperature all the way around. The Bike section was looped so 2 laps for the Sprint distance. This was mainly on roads around the edge of the park which were still open to traffic but with the speed limits reduced and lots of marshals and police to manage the traffic who did a suberb job. Towards the end of the bike lap you re-enter the park and enjoy a fast downhill section and either turn off to transition or straight on for another lap. The Run course was over 50% on grass and the race pack does state it is multi-terrain.

Atmosphere: 2/5

The atmosphere is fairly good but nothing spectacular as spectators are very spread out throughout the bike course. This isn’t such a bad thing as i

t does allow spectators to move around the park freely for the various race segments. For a similar race size with fantastic atmosphere see BLENHEIM PALACE TRI.

Difficulty: 3/5

Tatton is not a flat course with minor climbs on the bike but with enjoyable down hill bits to makes up for it and gain good speed. The run on grass could be tricky for some as the ground is uneven at times and there is one particular steep hill section but this is very short. The lake is good for swimming no current to worry about and a nice easy entry especially for first timers.

Apres-Race: 2/5

If heading in from out of town Manchester isn’t too far away from Tatton Park to see some of the city sights. Nearby there’s a few pubs to grab a well earned lunch but there’s not a great deal onsite post race other than a couple of food take away vans.
Sue Lloyd – runner and first-time triathlete
My Race-diary
Race no: 1
Time: 1hr38mins
Position: 584
This was my first triathlon and I’ve done a lot of running but didn’t know what to expect. I was pleased with my time and position in the top half and would can’t wait to do another triathlon.
I’d Tatton Tri again would certainly recommend it for newbies and people that have done a few Tri’s. There was a good mixture at the event and I’m sure it will grow into a bigger event again next year. You get a goody bag with medal & T-shirt, free elastic laces and a couple of chocolate bars!

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